bocs sketches


[sketch 1]

Butcher of common sense arrives in berlin……

Every thing we do has to be unravelled,

a total commitment to the truth. A blunt impatient disclosure .

The advocate is the butcher as provider of the tools required for the task.

[We become the butcher]

Every thing we do meets resistance,

a total commitment to sabotage. A dedication to pitiful limpid excuses.

The canny sidekick is the dog intent on destruction, dishonesty, contradiction and chronic ennui.

[The butcher of common sense]

is a concept intent on describing our universal creative resistance .

[sketch 2]

The valves chatter,

The whole orchestra of past performances and of past rehearsals and of noise and the echoes skinthings

everywhere, radiostimme . . .

There is no evidence that it goes away

He said “ there is no evidence that it goes away, no evidence that it dissipates, not even as an echo. As an idea that is quite powerful.”

We agreed that we preferred the idea that acoustic resonance lingers. . . never dies out. . . if this were true, what sounds had our building heard ?

what was still resonating ?

radio transmissions. classical concerts. bands recordings. radio interviews. idle chatter. footsteps.

We imagined what it might be like to hear all the sounds our building had heard over the years all at once. . . .

Fog and vertigo,

Heavy air and ideas

Stairsounds and wonder where that door will lead me . . .

[sketch 3]

Observe and normalise……

As the watchmen cannot be seen, they do not need to be on duty at all times

Effectively leaving the watching to the watched……

[sketch 4]

I left my voice behind the pegboard, if I keep it

there, it will seep through the holes and learn to mingle with the singing in the P4 walls.

I left myself behind the pegboard, I smelt myself

into the gap, if I stay there I will seep through the holes and mingle skin moles with what you leave behind.

don’t just drag the bag around

music in the morning. musicinthemorning

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